Happy My birthday

2014-12-08 12:10:43 by Ro-May-O

Happy anniversary of the day I was born!

Happy Sinterklaas

2014-12-05 12:56:33 by Ro-May-O

Happy Pakjesavond/Sinterklaas everyone!


2014-10-07 17:27:05 by Ro-May-O

Hey trusty followers. All 7 of them. Just wanted to let you know, that like that guy from pearl jam, i'm still alive. Also I downloaded Stencyl, so maybe I'll make a game. Or maybe not. Thanks for listening. now shoo


2014-09-18 15:56:29 by Ro-May-O

I'm sorry for not posting more arts. I will maybe post more art. And you will enjoy it


2014-07-28 15:13:36 by Ro-May-O

Now that I got 4 art. I hope it doesn't take long for me to get scouted! I can't wait!


2014-07-20 06:42:34 by Ro-May-O

Because of positive responses I decided to go further with my hobbie as artist. Here it is http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ro-may-o/sex-drugs-rock-n-roll


2014-07-14 11:01:39 by Ro-May-O

My stupid thread became the hot topic. Woohoo, I guess...



Am I an artist now?

2014-06-22 13:54:04 by Ro-May-O

I published my first piece of art in the art portal. Am I now officially an artist now?

Makes you think.

2014-06-21 12:03:02 by Ro-May-O

Post rhymes with host and I'm hosting this posting. If I'm hosting my posting it means I control my posting and if I control my posting I control my mind. Do you know what that means? It means I control my self. Think about it...