Am I an artist now?

2014-06-22 13:54:04 by Ro-May-O

I published my first piece of art in the art portal. Am I now officially an artist now?


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2014-06-22 14:46:59


Ro-May-O responds:

Woohoo :)


2014-06-22 16:14:14

You're an artist as long as you consider yourself an artist... I'm a writer (with a published book), an illustrator and a 3D modeler and someone still insist I'm not an artist.

Ro-May-O responds:

Yeah. And I'm an illustrator (with a published drawing on the internet) and some people still insist I'm not an artist.


2014-07-11 18:36:38

Yes, you are. You will get your artist card in the mail soon enough.

Ro-May-O responds:

It's been some time now and I still haven't got it.