2014-07-28 15:13:36 by Ro-May-O

Now that I got 4 art. I hope it doesn't take long for me to get scouted! I can't wait!


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2014-07-28 15:23:52

Hey, get in line, bub. I've been trying to get scouted since April.

Ro-May-O responds:

Well, I've been trying to be a boyscout since Januari


2014-08-07 08:01:08

That art... How are you still without a scout?

Ro-May-O responds:

I don't know, I guess my art is just underground and maybe a little to emotional to be mainstream. That was never my intention. I promise my next art will be more commercial (not in a bad way, I just mean it will be more accessible way).


2014-08-28 07:31:30

It's not good enough.

Ro-May-O responds:

It's never good enough boy, but don't listen to what they tell you. Just have fun and give 'em hell